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Yeah I mean it’s a waste of time and your talent just so you know. 


You know when I see drawings and paintings of over-sized boobs on dA that shine more than a plastic bag, I feel like reaching into the picture to grab those girls’ boobs and rub them together to see if they sound like balloons rubbing together.

You’d think that the exterior of boobs are made out of skin that still doesn’t shine as much when wet or sweaty, right?

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Well what good are tits if they aren’t shining?

lol whut? Funny when I draw black people I get accused of not drawing them “black enough” whatever the fuck that even means. 


I try to draw two people holding hands. Looks like gnarled tree roots trying to mate with an octopus.

That’s a rather unique way of putting it I should say lol


Ahh, the days when I would bitch to people about this… ;;;

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