I got bored and made a giant character generator.  7 different categories with at least 17 options each (some have more), including fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, modern, and historical possibilities… which means that characters can get ridiculous really fast (like flamethrower-wielding, Feudal Japanese cyborg priestess with a pet unicorn). Have fun with what you get or try a few times if you want a serious character. 

If you do make a character with this, tag ‘characterdesigninspiration’ so I can see them!

Elf | Wide Shoulders | Alchemist |Cyberpunk | Spirit/Demon | Scarification

Centaur|Wide Shoulders|Archer| Cyberpunk|BrassKuckles|Deer|Scarification|

So really I’m just imagining some sorta beefy Bara Centaur who goes about protecting some Doe girl XD

And Billy don’t get it twisted now I love them about the same but Sheva gets the spotlight because people have been stupid lately and I needed to draw her XD. 

Also still going to do the Xmen question, just still trying to figure out who my fave is >_<; 

Natch, though the only reason I didn’t cheat and add Aveline in here as well is because I fucking hate hats and head coverings… though I’m in a draw hot native guy mood now so thanks Blink


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Yeah I mean it’s a waste of time and your talent just so you know. 

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lol. it’s not like I have many to choose from.

From any of my fandoms or my OCs or whatever you’d like to know about!

OCs, canon characters, you name it. :D

ahhhh, gimme. mass effect, dragon…

How about Tekken?
  • M/F OTP- Steve x Lili yeah I have no reason for this lol
  • M/M .  F/F OTP -I don’t slash a whole lot so I don’t really have an answer for this or Femslash. 
  • OT3-*shrug* none? 
  • Favorite Canon-Jun x Kazuya of course
  • Favorite Crack-Steve x Lili again, Jin and Julia too.
  • Guilty Pleasure-there’s nothing guilty about the  stuff I ship in this fandom XD
  • Pairing I Hate- All the incest pairings, Alisa and Lars GAWD she’s a fucking robot he can get all the real vagina he wants. 
Haha. Maybe you’re an Asari? ;)

XD, Well He did say something about being on a planet full of blue beauties would be awesomesauce, though I’m a speshul brown Asari lol. 

Headcanon Meme: Billy Coen-34,37 and 39

34.  Thoughts on privacy? (Are they a private person, or are they prone to ‘TMI’?)

Billy strikes me as being obviously very private, you saw how quick he was to clam up when Rebecca started prodding him for answers after he let us in on what happened in Africa. Despite the little we do learn about it, it’s so blaringly obvious that there’s more to the story than that since he feels that he only has two options; to die or run away essentially. Now granted I could see his hesistation  talking to an 18 year old girl he JUST met who happens to be some sort of a police officer I wouldn’t exactly be quick to pour out my soul either. I think alot of people forget that Billy also had to endure being institutionalized which is a whole nother can of worms..

However, I think even before Africa, Billy was probably prone to being a loner who kept to himself.

What makes this even worse is that his fellow soliders and commander were all probably his friends who he had “let in” so to speak, so to see them commit  such a betryal and such a morally disgusting act not only gave Billy severe trust issues it’s probably very hard for him to let people in. This is why he’s very smarmy it’s a deflection he doesn’t want anyone finding any openings.

37.  Are they more analytical or more emotional in their decision-making?
Pre-Africa Billy probably was more emotional in his decsion making. He’s the only one who sounds even remotely upset when it’s suggested the village be terminated. The other two nameless soilders didn’t question the commander, but Billy was the only one pleading  for the villagers’ lives we’re even lead to believe that he straight up bum rushed his commander. I personally think that Billy only killed the rest of his unit out of self defence after the massacre of the village. It’s just when nothing was heard from Billy’s unit after awhile the millitary sent in help only to find Billy with 3 dead men and 20 dead villagers. After all 23 is a pretty odd number.

His anaylitical thinking prowless comes into play during the game, Billy is able to come to mutiple conclusions on his own and is a pretty awesome problem solver.

39.  What recharges them when they’re feeling drained?
Driving really fast and recklessly  with music blasting in the car lol.

Now I wanna do em all lol

See the sad reality is that alot of these faces can be kinda ugly XD. But we’re not dealing with reality. Any suggestions on who should go first? 

LRS UR DOIN IT RITE by *shadowivy

XD, Only Lars could make this sexy